Monday, March 9, 2015

No Snow

There is not much snow up in the Mt Hood Forest this winter.  Areas where there should be 5-6 feet of snow have none, only a few small patches.  The area looks like how it should in early July.  I have taken advantage of this by going on some hikes. 

On Sunday, March 8th, I parked at Frog Lake Sno-Park and hiked to Devil's Half Acre.  This area can be full of birds once the warblers, vireos and flycatchers arrive. 

Below is a view of Mt Hood from Palmateer.  I should be chest deep in snow at this location. 

Below is a shot looking south.  I have wondered if hawks migrate over these ridges and is it a good spot to watch in September.  Bonney Butte is over the next ridge to the east (left).

Huck is searching for scraps from previous hikers.  I was a bit surprised and happy that I saw only one other hiker on the trail from Frog Lake to Devil's Half Acre.

Only birds up on Palmateer were a flock of Robins. Robins are under appreciated for their patterns and color. This one had a wonderful light gray back.

While I was up there a large shadow passed right over my head. Made me jump a bit. This Raven swooped over the ridge in search of what Ravens search for.

Huck reluctantly posing at Devil's Half Acre, the lower portion..should be buried in snow.  The trees in the area and along the trails have their moss line at about 6 feet, it shows where the snow gets up to in a normal winter.

Gray Jays follow you everywhere.

Black-backed Woodpeckers are the most common ones found in this area.  I like their blue sheen in the sunlight.   I also heard Pileated and Hairy. 

Upper Twin Lake.  No ducks.

I did hear a few flocks of Red Crossbills. This group was down on the forest floor.  I am going to try and figure out which type these were.  More later.

Steller's Jays are just beautiful birds, I like their racing stripes on the forehead.

Who  do you think owns these big nasty feet?

Ravens are big birds, with nasty looking feet.

Bummed that I did not find nor hear any Pine Grosbeaks.  With all the nice weather I might try for some owls next week as suggested by some folks on OBOL.  I will probably try around Clackamas Lake, I hiked south from there two weeks ago into the Warm Springs Reservation. On that hike I passed by some large clearcuts which may be worth exploring for owls as well.

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