Saturday, April 25, 2015

Clatsop County

I ventured down to the mouth of the Columbia River today to look for shorebirds.  At Wireless Road there were hundreds of Whimbrel.  I looked for birds with orange tails, and pale rumps. Looking for Bristle-thighed Curlew, none found.  I would have taken any other Asian curlew as well :).

One of the Whimbrels had enough of a Marbled Godwit.

Peace eventually won out.

Lots of Black-bellied Plover flying around.

After Wireless Road I went over to Warrenton to check out the linear path.  No mudflats were seen but a few birds were in the area.

I went out to Parking Lots C and D with little luck.  After that I drove out onto the beach at Sunset Dr.  There were thousands upon thousands of peeps on the beach.  Just about all were Western.

A great many Sanderlings were in there as well.  Each looked unique.

Took me awhile, but I finally found some Least.

The beach was also covered in Velella Velella.  They covered the sides of my car,  I needed to run it through a carwash when I got home.  Stink!

Semipalmated Plover were there in small numbers.

No rain, sunny skies and a fun day.

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