Saturday, February 6, 2016

Snow Buntings at Sunset Beach

A small group of Snow Buntings were along the dune edges at Sunset Beach in Clatsop County on Feb 6, 2016.

Not much else to say except what a beautiful bird.

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  1. Nice! I'd like to get that close to a SNBU. ----Will

  2. Hey there - Nate here . If this is Bob Archer's site , I was curious where the " Parking lot C burn area " is , I think you mentioned it in a post . Nice Bunting pics !

    1. Parking lot C refers to the lot at the base of the south jetty of the Columbia River, at the observation platform. There is a large shorebird flat off the parking lot. On the other side of these flats is a pine forest (introduced pines), there was a fire at this site the summer of 2015. About 25 acres or so burned? In any case it cleared out a lot of the thick forest and it is now more open. You can see the burned trees from the parking lot.

  3. What a fantastic sighting and close-up. I feel like I can almost touch that beautiful Snow Bunting.